Beyond the horizon次世代農業の提言と実践


Beyond the horizon of agricultural

Japanese agricultural is crisis situation because aging of the labor force and shortage in farmers. Certainly average age of farmers is almost 70, so it is hard to bright prospect in the future. However, crisis into opportunity, then it can be said that it is just before passing on to the next generation. What is required there? We believe that it is important to propose a clear business model with the specific "craftsmanship" and "wisdom of the job" to realize it. In other words, we believe that a strategy necessary for the development of next-generation agriculture is not the linear flow of basic research, technology development, and dissemination to the job, but the development of total-produced technology under an agribusiness with a clear concept.
We will create a new next-generation agriculture based on concrete recommendations and our own practices.

Orchard&Technology Orchard&Technology
Suezawa Katuhiko 末澤克彦講演会での様子 オブジェクト


Katsuhiko Suezawa

1981: Becoming employed by a Kagawa Prefecture Goverment, and assigned to the Agricultural Experiment Station
2012: Director of the Kagawa Agricultural Experiment Station Fruit Tree Science.
May 2017: Established the Orchard & Technology Co., Ltd.

Public office, etc.

May 2017: Visiting Researcher at the Department of Faculty of Agriculture, Kagawa University.
April 2018: Senior researcher at the Keio Research Institute at SFC.

My Business Profile.

I have achieved as an agricultural technology instructor not only in Kagawa Prefecture but also in Japan and overseas. I have advantage is management consulting based for own agricultural management practice from marketing viewpoint.
Technical support for registration about kiwifruit variety by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (1982-2017).
I bred 11 varieties of kiwifruit, including Koryoku, Sanryoku, Kousui, Sanuki Gold, as the my main work at the Kagawa Agricultural Experiment Station.
Agricultural IT Intellectual Property Utilization Demonstration Project Guideline Investigation Committee member (Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries) (2015).
Agricultural ICT Standardization Society Member and IT Utilization Promotion Investigation Committee Member in Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (2016-2020).
Director of Agricultural Data Collaboration Platform Council(2018-2019).
Visiting Researcher at the RIKEN Center for Advanced Photonics, RIKEN (2018-2020).



We are conducting joint research, consulting, and lectures with public research institutions and companies on the following issues, as well as developing actual businesses development.

Joint research activities

・ Precision agricultural technology
Explicit knowledge of agricultural technology using digital technology, converted into learning content, appropriate distribution support of know-how, and development of precision agricultural technology

・ Research on kiwifruit breeding
Research on the utilization of Actinidiaceae plants that grow naturally in Japan, especially the development for utilization technology as a rootstock

・ One-stop service from variety registration to business development
One-stop service such as support for registering of variety of varieties grew in Japan and overseas, evaluation of cultivation possibility and business development possibility, cooperation production between foreign and domestic and support for building sales system, focus on kiwifruit and citrus.

・ Research and education system development on human resourceization of overseas technical intern trainees in agriculture

・Development of low-cost, high-quality production technology and development of unique processed products for organically grown citrus fruits and kiwifruit
As a farmer、we manage a citrus farm that has been certified for JAS organic farming since 2000 and a kiwifruit farm that he has bred himself.

Lecture activity

・Training to improve management and marketing skills for farmers and agricultural leaders
・Training on new agribusiness development utilizing agricultural ICT
・Orchard risk management training
・Kiwifruit cultivation workshop


Peel & Flavor! Production of various citrus fruits

Since 2000, Sanuki Citrus Studio has been producing more than 50 types of citrus fruits, mainly lemons. Ships continuously for 9 months or more by cultivating in a facility. The management concept is"Peel & Flavor". JAS organic cultivation has been carried out from the beginning in order to make the best use of various unique citrus fruits (registration certification organization, Hyogo Prefectural Organic Agriculture Research Association, registration number 07A-001). We also develop processed products using pericarp.

Cultivation of only one kiwi fruit

Cultivates the incense that he bred, Sanuki Gold, Sanuki Angel Sweet, and Sanuki Kiwikko Nos. 1-5. We produce rare original kiwifruit.


10 minutes walk northward from "JR Yosan Line Hashioka Station"
TEL: 087-874-6207

Company Name:Orchard & Technology Co., Ltd.
CEO:Katsuhiko Suezawa
location:3054-3 Arai, Kokubunji-cho, Takamatsu City,
Kagawa Prefecture 769-0101
Established:May 1, 2018
Business content:Agricultural human resources development,
management guidance, research and agricultural management
telephone number:087-874-6207
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